Second International Conference on Information Technology & Knowledge Management (ICITKM-2018) on November 02, 2018 at Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research in Delhi. This  conference procedding  shall be published by  ANNALS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & INFORMATION SYSTEM (2300-5963), POLAND.  Please visit  for more updates at


The first edition of ICITKM-2017 paper can be seen  which was hosted  by Saheed Sukhdev Bhagat Singh Business College, Rohini University of Delhi, Delhi on 22-23 December, 2017.

ICITKM-2018  conference is a based on technology, engineering and management theme which is going to be organized on 02 November, 2018, with the objective of bringing together academic scientists, professors, research scholars, industry personnel and students working in various fields of basic science, engineering and management. The conference will provide the authors and participants an opportunity for national/international collaboration and networking among universities, industries and academic or research institutions from India and abroad for promoting research and developing the new technologies. Apart from this, the conference aims to promote translation of basic research into institutional and industrial research and convert applied investigation into real time application

Aim: ICITKM-2018 aims to provide a common international platform to all the leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research ideas in the emerging field of information technology and knowledge management. It will also provide a premier interdisciplinary platform for the researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss their authentic and innovative ideas, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in these fields.

The main aim of ICITKM 2018 is to provide an acknowledgement and platform to all the researchers who are contributing in the realm of science, engineering and management.

Scope of Conference:  ICITKM-2018 is a forum for presenting original and innovative ideas and new challenges faced the by the researchers in the field of information technology, electronics communication and knowledge management. It will bring together experts from the industry, government sectors and academia.

Subjects/Topics Covered in this conference (Science, Engineering and Management):

List of topics/sessions (Tentative):

  1. Signal and Image Processing
  2. Machine Learning
  3. VLSI, Antenna and wireless Communication
  4. Agent Systems, Intelligent Computing & Applications
  5. Autonomic Networks And Communications
  6. Big Data And Analytics
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. Context-Awareness And Multimodal Interfaces
  9. Emerging Networking, Tracking And Sensing Technologies
  10. Internet of Things (IoT)
  11. Mobile Networks, Protocols And Applications
  12. Parallel And Distributed Algorithms,
  13. Information Theory
  14. Multimedia And Social Computing
  15. Service Oriented Computing For Systems & Applications
  16. Systems Security And Privacy
  17. Systems Software Engineering
  18. Vehicular Networks And Applications
  19. Soft Computing Techniques
  20. Data Science and Data analytics
  21. Cognitive Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence
  22. Robotics



  • At least two independent reviewers will need to review and approve a paper
  • A maximum of 03-04 papers should be assigned to a single reviewer
  • All the accepted, registered, and presented  manuscripts shall be submitted to Annals of Computer Science and Information Systems, ISSN 2300-5963.


Target Audience: Engineering College, Universities, Research Centers, interested people from Industry and Senior secondary school students.

Benefits of the conference

  1. To bring together Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Scholars and Students in the areas of Engineering and Technology, and provides a forum for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas, research and development, practical experiments, which concentrate on both theory and practices, for the benefit of a common man.
  2. To promote exchange of ideas and views among researchers from various countries
  3. To encourage and assist the professionals in the above fields to maintain the integrity and competence of the profession and foster a sense of togetherness amongst the professionals, engaged in these fields by providing a common international platform through this conference
  4. To foster and conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within its areas of expertise.
  5. To improve the common man’s life by developing new innovative ideas, Technical tools or models or products of their need. This new ideas and knowledge may be disseminating to common man by organizing conferences, which is related to the overall growth/improvement/upliftment of the common man of the society.
  6. To encourage regional as well as international communication and collaboration; promote professional interactions and exploring new learning opportunities; recognize outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations; encourage scholar researchers to pursue studies and careers in circuit branches and its applications.
  7. To promote research that highlights successful modern applications of Basic Science, Engineering or management.
  8. Though it’s not always hands-on, most every aspect of society from family-owned businesses needing digital protection, to homeless shelters needing a way to streamline their volunteer base relies on the innovations of the computer science industry.


Participants: Researchers, Academicians, Students, Industry personnel

Conducted by : Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research, Geeta Colony , Under Govt of NCT of Delhi.

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Call for Contributions: All the authors and researchers in these related fields are being cordially invited and welcomed to contribute in this conference by submitting their  manuscripts research abstracts, papers and e-posters. High quality research contributions with original and unpublished work, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in relevant areas of Basic science, Engineering or management will be highly appreciated. The conference solicits contributions of abstracts, papers and e-posters that address themes and topics of the conference, including figures, tables and references of novel research materials.

Conference Proceedings: The accepted and presented paper will be published as a volume of Annals of Computer Science and Information Systems (ISSN- 2300-5963). The Volume will have an ISBN number and each paper will be assigned DOI number. Papers will be indexed in CrossRef, BazEkon, Open Access Library, Academic Keys, Journal Click, PBN, and ARIANTE. They will also be submitted for indexation to Web of Science, Index Copernicus, SCOPUS and DBLP. The prospective authors are request to upload paper by Easy Chair only the review shall be communicated as per schedule.