The Second International Conference on Information Technology and Knowledge Management(ICITKM 2018) is going to be organized on 23rd December 2018. This conference will be a common platform to bring together the researchers and technocrats from various countries; for exchanging their ideas, sharing their knowledge in the highly emerging field of machine intelligence and data analytics.

Papers are being invited from various researchers and technocrats worldwide , who are involved in the following research area :

  1. Agent Systems, Intelligent Computing & Applications
  2. Autonomic Networks And Communications
  3. Big Data And Analytics
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. Context-Awareness And Multimodal Interfaces
  6. Emerging Networking, Tracking And Sensing Technologies
  7. Internet of Things (IoT)
  8. Mobile Networks, Protocols And Applications
  9. Parallel And Distributed Algorithms,
  10. Information Theory
  11. Multimedia And Social Computing
  12. Service Oriented Computing For Systems & Applications
  13. Systems Security And Privacy
  14. Systems Software Engineering
  15. Vehicular Networks And Applications
  16. Soft Computing Techniques
  17. Machine Intelligence
  18. Data Science and Data analytics
  19. Cognitive Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence
  20. Robotics

All the submitted manuscripts must be original and un-submitted one. The main or corresponding author must be a woman as per the theme, the plagiarism will be treated as a professional misconduct   and if more than 20% plagiarism is found, a paper will be rejected straightly.

The manuscripts should be of minimum 4 pages . A manuscript with less than 4 pages will not be considered for review. The manuscripts are encouraged not to be more than 6 pages. In case it exceeds 6 pages, then up to 3 pages can be allowed on payment of Rs 300 per page.


The authors should follow the IEEE Journal format for writing manuscript guideline.  Submissions must include title, abstract, keywords, author and affiliation with email address.

The IEEE templates in Microsoft Word (US Letter) and LaTex format can be found at :

The full papers in PDF Format Should be submitted using Easy Chair Conference Management system.